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What do I do?

Establish clear brand direction for your products and services by identifying and highlighting those factors which resonate positively between your target audience and your brand.

How do I go about this?

I use my own brand diagnostic tool and approaches developed over years of professional practice. It is called the ‘Brand Cycle Model’ and is effective at uncovering the factors (or ‘Emotional Connection Points’) that will distinguish and differentiate your brand.


Why should this be a priority for your business?

So your business realises its full commercial potential with the help of a confident, strong and distinctive brand.

To galvanise your teams, suppliers and stakeholders with definition, focus and inspiration


Finding emotional connection with your target audience is the elixir of all strong brands. 

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But it’s not magic.

All successful and growing businesses have something powerful that connects with their audiences (customers and non-customers).  It’s contained within your products, services, your beliefs and the way you behave.


The key to building a successful brand…

Identifying, distilling and translating

  • Your brand promise

  • The connection points that are eloquent of your brand promise

And then supporting you and your creative people to put these into your communications, your behaviours and your policies.

This is what I help clients do.

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