Brand Cycle Model


The Brand Cycle Model is an excellent diagnostic tool for plotting your brand’s ‘Emotional Connection Points’ across the customer journey. A person’s relationship with your brand starts with a perception or understanding of your Brand Promise. Crafting your Brand Promise well is fundamentally important and the starting point for setting brand direction.

Implicit in this model is the truth (or reality) that a brand’s reputation or status is subject to change. Through the purchase process, the ownership experience and through the vicarious experience and commentary of others, a brand’s reputation and market position can be enhanced or degraded.

9 bc1.png


  • Sensitive investigation

  • Dialogue with you, the client, and other stakeholders

  • Observation, customer research and analysis

a full picture of your current brand’s status can be established. Stewart Redpath has the skills and experience to navigate these tasks. He then plots the ‘stand out’ factors across the Cycle. These factors are the ones that have the power or potential to be brand defining. They may already be foregrounded in your offer or be recessive. They may not even exist but have emerged through the analysis process. These are your ‘Emotional Connection Points’.

10 bc2.png

Of course, the process may expose some ‘brand-destroying’ gremlins in the mix which is a useful exercise in re-looking at certain practices and processes…

11 bc3.png

The endgame is to foreground your most compelling Emotional Connection Point. There may be one or more than one, but once you have identified those elements that can and will distinguish and differentiate your brand, you are have real focus on how how you direct your marketing.

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